Who did your hair??

Me: Hey, buddy! That’s some nice hair you have today. I like all the spikes.

Student: Thank you!

Me: Your mom had spiky hair today, too. Did she do yours?

Student: Nope!

Me: Oh, well you must have done it yourself then, huh?

Student: Nope!

Me: Who did it then, buddy?

Student (dead serious): A spider monkey.


Did you know…

Student 1: Have I told you about my pet? I have a fish. It’s a Chinese fighting fish.

Student 2: I don’t have a fish. But did you know you can adopt baby sharks? That’s what I’m going to do. It will be the best pet ever.


There could be sharks here

3-4 year olds

Student 1: Woah! Look at that pond!

Student 2: I know! It’s green! Green is my favorite!

Student 1: Are there sharks in there?

Me: No, buddy. Don’t worry there’s no sharks in there.

Student 1: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, it’s a pond. Sharks live in the ocean.

Student 2: Well there could be. If there was a stream that went into the pond and that went into a river and that went into the ocean, then there could be sharks here.


mind blown

Me: Well, you’re not wrong.

Student 2: