Favorite quote from today’s Boy Scout class:

“Birds have cool feet because they used to be dinosaurs.”


Hi! I’m socially awkward!

*First day of new semester with students.*

Me: Alright everyone, I want you to walk around the room and meet the people you don’t know. Introduce yourself and tell them one thing you want them to know about you. 

Students begin. I participate as well.

Student: *Walks up and stares but says nothing.*

Me: Hi! I’m Ms. A. What’s your name?

Student: I’m Ryan.

Me: Hi, Ryan. What’s something about you that you’d like to tell me about?

Ryan: …. I’m… Socially awkward! 

Me: *high fives kid* *laughing*

Me: We all are, kid!

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of students*