The General

Me: *giving continual directions to students who refuse to listen* Don’t make me tell you again.

Student 1: *hushed tones* You better listen to The General! She’s coming back! 



It sinks to the bottomĀ 

Me: Why does a water bird have such a long beak? 
Student: So it doesn’t get water in its nose. 

Me: What happens if a bird puts its nose under water? 

Student: The bird will fill up with water and sink to the bottom. 

There’s “allergy” in the pond??

Student: Miss! Look at all of this pond allergy!

Me: I think you mean algae.

Student: That’s what I said, allergy.

Me: An allergy to something is when you’re allergic and it makes you sneeze or itchy. Algae is a plant that lives in water. Two different words. You have algae on your net. A-L-G-A-E.

Student: Oh, ok! So will I be allergic because of the allergy?

Me: I still don’t think you’re getting it. There’s no allergies in the pond. Only algae. Which is what you’re holding.

Student: So I won’t get sick?

Me: No.

Student: What kind of allergy is this?

over it









Me: I don’t know. It’s just pond “allergy”.