We don’t have those in America


Me: The really tall plants in this field are sugar cane plants. This is where we get sugar from.

Students: *ohhs and awws*

Me: But you see, we have a really tall fence around the field. Because there are animals that live here that like the sweet taste, too. Can anyone think of animal that we have here that can jump really well?

Student: A kangaroo!

Me: Kangaroo’s can jump really high, but we don’t have those in America.

Me: Think about animals that live here, in Texas. Anyone else?

Student 2: A kangaroo!

Me: Nope! They still don’t live here.

Student 3: A cheetah?

Me: Cheetah’s live in Africa. This. Is. America. What jumping animals live here?

Student 4: A frog?

Me: It starts with a D…

Students: Grasshoppers!

Me: …EE…

Students: Rabbits!


Students: A moose! It’s a moose!

Me: Deer. We have deer here.




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